Apply For NSFAS

To provide financial assistance to the students, the Government of South Africa has set up a scheme named the National Students Financial Aid Scheme. This scheme will cover several costs like registration and tuition, and along with that, it will deliver several allowances like books, transport, food as well as accommodation. In the passage of time, several students have savored the benefits of this scheme, and now they are doing really good. To apply for this scheme, students have to provide the authority with some kinds of documents, which we are going to discuss.

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The documents required to apply for this scheme

Now, let us provide you with the list of documents, which you will need if you want to apply for this scheme. List of the documents is:

  • A document or card that validates you as a citizen of South Africa. Or you can also show your unabridged birth certificate if you are younger than 16 years.
  • The identification of your parents and your guardians. You may have to show the death certificate as well, wherever applicable.
  • You can either show your pay advice or letter of employment or pension advice that states your income.
  • You also have to present them with the signed and completed consent form that you can download. That form must be signed by your parents or the signature of your guardian. In case, if you cannot submit your consent form along with the signature of all those people, who have declared their income in the form, your application will not be submitted.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of disability, you have to download the disability annexure A. After downloading that, you have to complete that form and submit it along with your application.

So, these are the documents that you have to show if you want to apply for this scheme.