Types Of NSFAS Bursary

The South African government has initiated an amazing scheme named as NSFAS scheme in the year of 1990, which is helping a lot of students to pursue their studies. There are lots of underprivileged students in South Africa who find it hard to keep going with their studies, but they show some significant progress in studies. To help them in this process, NSFAS will provide them with loans and bursaries so that they don’t have to worry about their future education.

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Types of bursaries

There are several types of bursaries, which will help the students to carry on with their studies. Let us know about those bursaries:

  • FunzaLushaka Bursary

The individuals who have a wish for becoming teachers in future can only avail this bursary. It will help them to become desired teachers so that they can serve the purpose of students in future.

  • Social work scholarship

This is a special kind of bursary which will be provided to the students who are studying the subject of social work. Also, the prospective students who are about to enroll themselves and work towards achieving the social work degree can enjoy the benefits of this bursary. All the students will receive their bursaries, which will be conducted by the department of social development.

Apart from all these, the practical needs will also be covered by the funds of the bursary.

  • Scarce Skill Bursary

National Skills Fund or NSF funds this special kind of Bursary. The main objective of this bursary is to provide support to the development of the scarce skills of South Africa. The field of scarce skills comprises of engineering, commerce, science, IT as well as medical. If you want to know about the full list of the skills or occupation, you can head towards page 14 of the Department of Higher Education document.

  • NSFAS bursary for National Certificate (Vocational) and certain report 191 courses at FET colleges

FET or Vocational and Further Education and Training courses are the kind of courses that proposes training as well as education to the students who have a vision about working in a specific range of jobs or you can say employment possibilities. There are several cases where students qualify for admission to the University of technology so that they can carry on with their higher-level studies. To qualify for the bursary, the student has to showcase his potential about academic success with a minimum average of 50%.

  • Bursary for students with disabilities

The name says it all. This specific bursary program, which is conducted by the Department of Higher education and training, is only applicable for the disabled students who want to carry on with their studies, no matter what field it is. The candidate has to make sure of the fact that he or she is academically able along with financially needy. So, these are types of bursaries that NSFAS has to offer. Therefore, if you were looking for the bursary list, just go through the above-written list.